Fabrication and Contract

Airplex can make custom cut and custom formed acrylic product.  Airplex has several contracts for many acrylic parts, from fridge panels windows to shoe racks.  Airplex is also the NZ agent for the industry leading Sonnex Blocks used by fabricators nationwide.

Airplex uses precision CNC machinery.  This includes one of the largest CNC beds in the country specifically designed for cutting acrylic and aluminium.

Sonnex Blocks

Maintain operator safety and save money by using Sonnex™ Corner Blocks that are injection moulded from crystal clear acrylic.
No more cut fingers from being too close to saw blades, Sonnex Corner Reinforcing Blocks are ready to use straight from the box.

  • Increase joint strength
  • Faster assembly times
  • Improves appearance
  • Easier cleaning
  • Reduce breakages
  • Reduce required material thickness.

# SONNEX01 45mm with Taper one end ends

# SONNEX02  45mm with Taper both ends

# SONNEX03  80mm with Taper both ends

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