iDrive Throttle Controller

iDrive Throttle Controller

iDRIVE is a throttle enhancement device that connects in minutes, yet gives endless enjoyment.

Your late model car, or ute uses a fly-by –wire accelerator pedal system that is designed to take into consideration all manner of inputs before the computer responds by opening the throttle. This causes unexpected delays, and is annoying, if not at times, dangerous.

The ECU must consider Torque management, Engine pinging, atmospheric conditions, and many more parameters. Built ‘for the masses” they don’t take into consideration YOU the driver. That’s right, you have now been relegated to just one of many inputs. Take back the control with an iDRIVE. Give yourself the freedom to adjust the driving characteristics of your RV, Car or Ute now!

Cure the associated delay with an iDRIVE unit. You’ll be glad you did.

The iDRIVE remains completely adjustable, and rather than negating the need for a tune, the iDRIVE actually enhances them.



ECO mode is designed for economy by reducing the accelerator response time. Also handy when you are on the trails and looking for a bit more throttle control when crawling.

Ultimate Mode offers 9 sensitivity levels, this allows the driver to tune the controller to the desired level of sensitivity.Choose level 9 and grip the steering wheel tight or hit level 1 for a gentle smooth acceleration.

Automatic control mode automatically selects the sensitivity level based on pedal pressure. If you are in traffic and accelerating gently the iDRIVE will automatically choose a reduced level of throttle response.



Can’t find the iDRIVE I require? - Click here to open the iDrive catalog to find the EVC part number you require for your vehicle
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Does iDRIVE void my warranty? - Great question, we’re glad you’re thinking of the longevity of your vehicle. Typically, any modification you perform to your car (including wheel & tyre changes) has the potential to void that part of your warranty if it can be proven that the modification caused a fault. in 6 years since we launched iDRIVE into Australasia, We’re not aware of any situation where this has been the case.

Should I remove the iDRIVE when I get it serviced? - No. To be honest, many dealers in New Zealand and Australia sell, install or recommend iDRIVE. Still others incorrectly see it as a ‘Boost Controller’ It’s nothing of the sort.

Is iDRIVE safer than a remap or tune? - We believe so, yes! iDRIVE does not infringe on Factory ECU mappings, so is very unlikely to cause any issue. Remapping whilst effective, relies heavily on the providers skill set. There have been issues too, with remapping voiding engine warranties even when they may or may not have caused an engine related issue.

Does it just work on Automatics? - iDRIVE is equally at home on Automatics and Manual transmissions. There are settings on each unit that can change the programming of iDRIVE to suit the transmission type in the car.

Can I keep my iDRIVE when I update to a new car? - Mostly, yes – Most vehicle manufacturers tend to use only one or two pedal assemblies. Chances are, if you are upgrading to the newer model, the iDRIVE will simply swap over, and you can return your old car to factory performance in minutes. Contact us if you have any questions about changing vehicles.

How long does it take to install? - It depends on the model but usually installation is simple, and most owners can manage it in 10-20 minutes. If you can change a headlight bulb, you can install iDRIVE. Still not comfortable? We can install it for you usually at no charge (at our Auckland showroom). 

iDrive Throttle Controller