Tailgate GapGuard

A useful flexible cover for the gap between the tailgate and the tray of your ute. 
Convenient and cost effective.

A must have accessory for anyone who ever carts sand, soil, grain, wood or anything that can get between your tailgate and tray while traveling or unloading.

A great product for anyone carrying landscape supplies or other loose materials in their ute tray.  

Don’t waste your time cleaning debris out of the space between your truck bed and tailgate or cleaning up the mess left on the ground! Easily install the GapGuard tailgate gap cover to bridge the tailgate gap and get done with your project faster rather than wasting time digging material out of your tailgate gap. The GapGuard installs in minutes and can be ready to save you time and hassle on your very next project!

Gap Guard - Install Gap Guard protect 

When stones, dirt, bark, hay and other materials get trapped in the gap between your truck bed and tailgate, it can cause damage and prevent the tailgate from closing. Install a GapGuard to guard against debris from falling into the gap of your truck when you lower the tailgate.  When done unloading, you will be able to simply close the tailgate without the worry of damaging your tailgate.

Installation is easy, since the GapGuard tailgate gap filler is simply cut to fit the length of your truck bed.  Two full-lengths of high strength automotive grade adhesive strips included with your GapGuard makes attachment to just about any truck bed surface easy and secure.  The GapGuard's durable elastomeric material easily flexes along its entire length, so it won't interfere with closing the tailgate, yet is in place when you need it to help secure your load from falling through the tailgate gap when travelling or when you drop your tailgate for unloading.  The GapGuard can also be easily tucked in to the gap, getting it out of the way of any other use of your truck bed without interfering with closing the tailgate.  In this position, the GapGuard creates a very nice seal, keeping dirt and dust from getting in to an enclosed truck bed.

So, go ahead and give it a try . . . or you could just keep hassling with the same problem of material falling through your tailgate gap again and again.

GapGuard tailgate solutions for Gapshield Gap shield

Note: will not fit Mitsubishi Triton
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