Truck Air Deflector

"Guaranteed Fuel Savings"

Over the past 30 years, Airplex has established itself as New Zealand's market leader in truck accessory design and manufacture, especially roof-mount top air deflectors, stone guards and sunvisors.

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An Airplex roof mount Air Deflector is the simplest, most effective truck aerodynamic device, offering maintenance free fuel saving & aerodynamic performance for the life of the vehicle.  Improved aerodynamics of your truck by improving the airflow around the cab and the box/body of the truck.   An Airplex air deflector is guaranteed fuel savings.  But the fuel saving is only the start.  Easier towing, better stability, reduced spray and less stress on driver and engine are additional benefits.

  • Improve fuel efficiency
  • Reduce engine & drive train wear
  • Reduce truck maintenance
  • Improved stability
  • Reduced spray
  • Great for sign-writing and advertising space
  • Enhance looks and styling with Airplex' smooth modern designs
  • Individually styled to suit each model truck

Most models are available with or without side skirts (cab extenders) for optimum aerodynamics and aesthetics . 

Save Fuel > Think Aerodynamics.  Wind drag matters!  Drag is wind resistance and reducing that drag could spell the difference between a profitable run and the break even point.   Fuel prices aren't going to decrease anytime soon so it is beneficial to work out every way possible to save fuel costs and that means decreasing drag whenever possible.

Proper truck aerodynamics is one way to save as much as 6%- 20% (as shown by independent - Isuzu and Freightliner studies) on fuel costs.  At 100,000 km per year and todays fuel prices that equates to some very large savings in fuel alone.  That's real money in your pocket if you are an owner-operator.

Airplex Truck Top Air Deflectors (or roof mount airfoil) decrease drag and increase aerodynamic efficiency, while cab extenders reduce the gap between the tractor and trailer or box body and increase efficiency and hence lower fuel requirements.

When you add to this the improved handling and additional cost savings by reduced maintenance cost and drive train wear, installing an Airplex Air Deflector make perfect sense.  And you can rest easy knowing you have chosen a quality product from a market leader in truck air deflectors, sunvisors, stoneguards, headlight covers and weathershields.

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