Airplex supplies and installs towbars for a wide range of vehicles.  We supply and fit for retail, trade, car dealers.

All towbars are manufactured for NZ conditions to NZ standards and we will always recommend and fit the bar that has the maximum rating for your vehicle.   Installing a lower rated towbar can be unsafe.  If unsure, ask an Airplex expert.

Airplex specialise in Ute and 4x4 towbars.  These will usually be supplied in pintype removable square hitch style which allows maximum rating and maximum versatility.  The ball can be easily removed when not in use, and also allows load extenders and bike racks to be easily and securely fitted as required making the most of your vehicle capability.

To find a towbar for your vehicle, use the Fit My Vehicle search, or contact us if you can't find what you require.

Removable Hitch (Square 'pintype' hitch).

- Heavy duty. 
- Easy to remove if not required
- Maximum rated 
- Available for wide range of vehicles
- Easy & securely fit hitch mount accessories such as bike racks

Bolt-On Style Hitch 

Some towbars are available in bolt on style hitch.  Not easily removable but can be unbolted if required.
- Maximum rated for your vehicle
- Available for wide range of vehicles

Fixed/Welded Style Hitch 

Some towbars are available in fixed/welded style hitch.  Not removable.
- Usually for lower rated towbars or lighter weight vehicles (smaller cars etc)
- ideal for vans with lower clearances
- Maximum rated for your vehicle
- Available for wide range of vehicles
- Not recommended for commercial utes etc towing heavier loads


Fitting the correct wiring on modern vehicles is VERY important.  Failure to use the correct wiring and wiring modules may case warranty issues and even possibly cause you insurance issues should you be in a towing related accident with the incorrect wiring!

Airplex supplies and installs high quality wiring modules that integrate with the vehicles safety systems.
Airplex supplies to dealers for brand new vehicles.

The Digital module has been designed to be used in modern cars with CAN-bus technology. (Controlled Area Network). This allows the auxiliary wiring harness to integrate with the vehicle CAN-bus system in order to manage and control various critical functions. Inside the module is a microprocessor that has been programmed specifically to communicate with the other control modules of the vehicle.

The Digital module controls and monitors all the lighting functions on the trailer or rear carrier. It can also check for a bulb failure on the trailer and warn the driver with increased flasher frequency and/or a warning on the instrument cluster. In addition to lighting functions, it also supports various safety and comfort features such as rear parking sensor deactivation, trailer stability programs, blind spot monitoring systems and advanced braking systems.
The JaegerCANtrol module microprocessor is programmed for each specific vehicle make and model to ensure seamless communication through the vehicle CAN-bus system thereby enabling central control of all trailer lighting functions.

The module has been tuned to work with the wide range of LED trailer lamps used in this market. Additional load resistors are not required.

  towbar wiring nz


TOWBAR Recovery Bar

A towbar is designed for towing.  It is not designed for use as a recovery point when four wheel driving.  Airplex also offer a range of specialty bars that are rated for snatch recovery off road.

See the X-Bar Range
x-bar recovery towbar nz

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