In this Warranty:

"Act" means the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 as amended
"Back to Base" means where delivery to and collection of your product from the Service Agent (point of purchase) is your responsibility
"Purchase Date" means the date of first purchase from Airplex or a Stockist
"Stockist" means a dealer, reseller or retailer
"You" means the End User and "your" has a corresponding meaning.

Subject to these conditions, Airplex offers this Warranty on a Product to which Back to Base service applies.

This Warranty applies in addition to the warranties implied by the Act.

A Stockist who has sold a Product to you has acted as principal and has no authority to give any additional warranty or guarantee in relation to the Product on behalf of Airplex.

Airplex will not be liable for any consequential loss, indirect or special damage arising from your use of the Product. In particular (but without limitation) Airplex excludes any liability for actual or expected revenue loss.

Airplex warrants that your Product will be free from defects in materials or workmanship for one (1) year (or, in case of a Factory Second, for six (6) months) after your Purchase Date.

At its discretion, Airplex will repair or replace your Product, if it does not comply with this Warranty.

To make a Warranty claim, you must:

You must first call Airplex on 0800 247753 or email;
If requested, return the Product (if warranty service is required) in its original packaging (or suitable alternative) to the original Stockist where purchased, as discussed with Airplex; and
Provide a copy of your purchase receipt, to show that this Warranty applies to your Product at the date of your claim.
You are responsible for the delivery of your Product to, and its collection from, the original place of purchase (or Service Agent, if applicable).
Once the product is returned to the place of purchase, an assessment can be made as to whether there is an issue/fault and whether the repair is covered by warranty.

Warranty Application
This Warranty applies only:

To a Product supplied new to You by Airplex or a Stockist;
If you use the Product for your own private or business purposes; and
You have not bought the Product for resale.

Warranty Exclusions
This Warranty will not apply if during the warranty period:

A Product's serial number or any rating label is removed or changed in any way;
A Product is repaired other than by an authorised Service Agent;
You use your product in excess of the specifications or contrary to the technical or operating environment guidelines;
A part in your Product reaches the end of its service life;
A Product's malfunction or failure results from:

deliberate or accidental damage;
excessive use, neglect or modification by or on behalf of an End User;
your use of any non-approved parts or accessories.

Spare Parts
Spare parts provided as a result of a repair of your Product under warranty or purchased by you outside of warranty are provided with an Express Warranty under the same terms and conditions of the Express Warranty for the Product in which they are installed and are covered for a period of 90 days or the remaining Express Warranty subject to being installed by an Airplex Authorised Service Agent.

Details of the Company giving this Warranty:
21 Saleyards Rd
Auckland, 1063
09 2769826

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