Ute Canopies, Lids and Tonneau Covers

Ute lids - secure your load and look good!

Airplex has a huge range of ute and tonneau covers to give you the style and convenience you’re looking for.

For commercial vehicles, we have ute hard lids and tonneau covers to cover and secure all your tools, materials and equipment.  With easy access to get at them and pack them away – to make your hard- working day even easier.

For recreation vehicles, whatever you want to throw into the back of the ute, we have the cover for it – from tonneau covers to aluminium checker plate ute lids get the look you want and need!

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Aluminium HD ute lids

All Airplex ute covers are custom fitted and designed specifically for your make and model of ute for leak proof and weather proof protection for your load.  In most cases, there is no drilling involved, just a tight purpose built fit!  The best flat top lid for your ute.  The ultimate 'tough lid'.

Questions to ask yourself before you purchase your ute lid.

1. What is your budget?

 With a huge range of styles and materials, we can accommodate most budgets.

2. Do you want your ute lid to be lockable and secure?

 Included in our huge range are various locking options – now you can relax knowing your expensive equipment and tools are secure but you also have easy access to them.

3. What kind of access do you need to the ute?

 Whatever equipment you need to put in your ute, our ute covers have various opening options to suit your load and access.

4. What kind of style do you want?

 Not just practical, our ute lids give your ute that sporty good looks.  In a range of materials, styles and colours to customise your vehicle!


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  • Tonneau Cover ('Clamp & Rail' System)

    tonneau cover ute
  • Tri-Fold Hard Cover (Lockable)

    tri fold tonneau
  • Alloy Checker-plate Flat Top Lids

    alloy ute lid
  • Fibreglass Hard Lid

    ute lid sport lid
  • SteelTop™ Ute Canopy

    steel ute canopy steeltop™