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When driving in wet and windy conditions, it's important to have reliable protection to keep you and your passengers comfortable. That's where Airplex monsoon weather shields come in. Our custom-fit weather shields are designed to provide the ultimate protection from rain, wind, and debris while you're on the road.

"Biggest Range & No Minimum Order Quantities"

Airplex has manufactured door weathershields for cars, utes, vans and trucks for almost 40 years.
Installing a quality Airplex door weathershield has the following benefits:
- Permits fresh air driving
- Enables the driver to have the windows open
- Helps shield from the wind and rain
- Individually designed for each vehicle
- Easily installed
- Supplied with fitting kit and instructions
- No drilling required for install.

Available in two styles:
- Most models are supplied in the traditional NZ larger style 'monsoon' door weathershield.
- A select range is available in the slim 'sport' visor style.

Manufactured and supplied internationally and also known as 'door window visor'.

NZ 100 percent

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Below are a few sample pictures of Airplex door weathershields. 


 Full size door Monsoon shields All models available - Monsoon shields Sport Door Monsoon shields Window Monsoon shields NZ Holden Commodore Monsoon shields Monsoon shields  slim chrome Monsoon shields ford ranger Monsoon shields

Made from high-quality materials, our monsoon weather shields are tough and durable, and can withstand even the harshest weather conditions. They are easy to install and provide a seamless fit that looks great on your vehicle.

At Airplex, we offer a wide range of monsoon weather shields to fit different car models, ensuring that you get the perfect fit and maximum protection. Our shields come in a variety of styles, including dark tinted and light tint, to match your preferences and provide the level of visibility and protection that you need.

In addition to protecting you from the elements, our monsoon weather shields also provide several other benefits. They can reduce wind noise and turbulence while driving, improve ventilation in your vehicle, and even help to prevent fogging and condensation on your windows.

So whether you're driving in heavy rain, strong winds, or other challenging weather conditions, Airplex monsoon weather shields have got you covered. Our high-quality products and excellent customer service make us the top choice for drivers looking for reliable protection and comfort.

Shop now and enjoy the benefits of driving with Airplex monsoon weather shields.

Many models available, including 
door window visor, door visor, window visor,


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