Airplex Tri-Fold Hard Cover

The first truly lockable vinyl tri-fold cover.  Solid lockable cover. Smooth vinyl exterior with durable solid ABS core for strength.
Easy to install, and easy to remove when not in use.

- lockable (when tailgate locked)
- tough smooth vinyl exterior
- solid ABS interior (cant cut like standard soft covers)
- easy to install
- quick & easy to remove
- use fully extended, or fold, 1,2, 3.....

Available for most late model utes.  Use our 'Fit My vehicle' selector or contact us to find the right part for your vehicle.  This product is designed to be fit to standard factory ute tray, or a tray fitted with an under rail style liner.  Ask us for a solution if you want to retain your sports bar.  If fitting with an over rail style tray liner, you may also need an additional fit kit from Airplex.

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  • Note: This is a solid/hard core lid.  It is not designed to sustian a load on top.  Images showing person standing on lid are to show solid nature of the folding lid.  it is not recommended to stand on the lid during general use.
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